Topsail Baptist Church Youth

Grades 6 through 8
Meetings during regular AWANA time, 5:30pm Sunday evenings
Good morning TBC Youth. 

Last night we began a new Bible study in the books of 1&2 Peter. Instead of literature, we have a consistent weekly plan for their daily devotions. For the first four days, they’ll do a repeatable lesson through the weeks. On the fifth day, there will be a special assignment depending on the chapter read or what we want to accomplish in Youth group that Sunday. 

Here are the assignments for Week 1:

Day1: Read 1 Peter 1 and note any verses that stand out. Pick one verse to memorize throughout the week. 
Day 2: Read the chapter again in the same translations as Day 1 and yet again in a different translation. Note any differences between the two translations and whether or not these may be significant. 
Day 3: Read the chapter again. Identify key points and try to make a simple outline of the chapter, also identifying its main themes. 
Day 4: Read the chapter. How can it apply to your life? What is at least one question you have or someone else may have from the chapter. 
Day 5: Special Assignment: Re-write verses 3-9 in your OWN words. 

Make sure you bring this and your memorized verse to youth group to share. Have a great week and I’ll be texting you soon with info on a movie night this coming weekend. 🙂 
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